PUMA Gießroboter 15 und 25

Fully automatic pouring system PUMA pouring machine 15 and 25

  • Modern pouring technology (patented)
  • Independent tilting, vertical and cross axis, with virtual ladle spout turning point and low pouring height
  • Process orientated automation with integrated quality control
  • Customer adapted iron delivery
  • Full flexibility
  • PUMA 15 Ladle capacity up to 3300 lbs (1.500 kg)
  • PUMA 25 Ladle capacity up to 5500 lbs (2.500 kg)

The PUMA pouring machine, compared with other pouring systems, has very many important differences and unique features.


Independent axis
The PUMA is the only pouring machine having independent axis and one side ladle holding, for a free programmable ladle pouring movement, with virtual ladle spout turning point and pouring height adjustment. It can also reach far located pouring cups with a low pouring height.

Full Flexibility
The PUMA allows the highest flexibility; change of material can be performed very quickly, by only changing the ladle.

Automatic Pouring
With the SENSOR SCAN automatic pouring system the pouring is performed fully automatic, and this in function of the momentary mold rate. An absolute clean and controlled pouring is achieved.

End of pour by weight measurement
The PUMA can be equipped with the weighing system, for ending the pouring by weight measurement (often the here achieved metal savings, allow a quick payback of the entire installation).

Synchronous pouring
For very fast molding lines, synchronous pouring with the move of the line. Allows to make up time for the iron supply.

Integrated quality control
As a standard, the relevant data of each pour are memorized, allowing an uninterrupted quality control and quality assurance, with the necessary documentation.

More features
  • Display Controller, as interface to the operator, with representation of the pouring process.
  • MODEM connection, for remote maintenance and trouble shooting.
  • Treatment of nodular iron directly in the PUMA pouring ladle, saves a second transferring of the iron and lowers the temperature drop.
  • Compact design; PUMA needs very little floor space.
  • Designed for all kind of molding lines. For cycled and continuous driven lines. For pouring grey and nodular iron, steel and aluminium.



  • Simple design, quick mounting and commissioning
  • Good price / performance ratio
  • High reliability, low operating cost
  • Low temperature drop due to new specially designed pouring ladles
  • The pouring with the PUMA results in:
    less scrap, increased yield, increased molding line output, improved casting quality, full flexibility, reduced personnel
  • Possibility of integration of CGI treatment process


  • Synchronous pouring with the move of the line
  • KW SLS inoculation feeder COBRA
  • Temperature measurement by two colour pyrometer
  • Flask identification system
  • Online data transfer by TCP/IP
  • Modem connection


  • Emergency Stop on control desk and power cabinet
  • Automatic tilt back action at power failure
  • Bumpers on both sides (longitudinal)
  • Securities as per CE-Norms

Technical data

  • Dimensions:
    PUMA 15: L/W/H 4200 × 1500 × 3200
    PUMA 25: L/W/H 4500 × 1900 × 3700
  • Speeds:
    Pouring speed 0–25 kg/sec
    Longitudinal movement (Y-axis) 0–850 mm/sec
    Cross movement (X-axis) 0–150mm/sec
    Height movement (Z-axis) 0–170mm/sec
  • Electrical servo drives on all axis