Strength in service

Strong team.

Teamwork represents passion. Because happiness is already found in the path towards the goal. By simply giving our utmost for our customers: the best ideas and solutions point the way ahead; Along with service that surely can’t be more competent and personal.

4_1_7_iconKÜNKEL WAGNER is an established name in the industry, and the key factor at the company are the men and women as staff who stand behind our services with their know-how – your contacts! That’s why we’d like to delight you through our kind of service, which we have expanded and developed so that you experience the difference. Whenever you get in touch with us. Whenever you need any kind of support or would like to have more details about our products and business units.

We’re motivated, committed, available worldwide.

The sum total of quality products, experience and the high industry standard we set for ourselves vouches for satisfied customers. With the new KW service contracts you are ensured an abundance of attractive services which can be adapted to your requirement. And with the new 24/7 Support Hotline we address customers’ needs with the aim of first-class services round the clock and worldwide.