Whenever it counts

Help is at hand.

Problems may occur. Key being how fast they’re solved. Our service technicians at KÜNKEL WAGNER know that every minute counts in an emergency: With on-site service and a worldwide presence we pull out all the stops for you.

4_1_4_iconWhen it comes to repairs, time is a decisive factor in order to keep production downtimes as short as possible. Once production has been interrupted – for instance because the quality is suddenly poorer or a problem with the plant system or a component emerges – then on-site specialists are called for, on-the-job experts. The sooner the cause is found, the faster production can be ramped up again for reliable, flawless casting quality.

Error analysis in the shortest time for the shortest possible downtimes.

Our qualified technicians support you with their profound knowledge. They have direct access to the construction design and production know-how at KW headquarters in Germany. The wide-ranging services offered by KW equally include in-house repairs and the remedial maintenance of cylinders, bearings and motors, for example, depending on the error analysis findings. Rapid repair service is ensured as a result. When sights are set on saving the world, the faster the better.