Testing, evaluating, optimising plant systems

Everything checked.

Those who choose KÜNKEL WAGNER are justified in setting high quality standards for their plants. Regular servicing and upkeep improve operational safety. Through professionally conducted inspections we keep your options open.

Decisive factor economic efficiency: With inspection and maintenance from KW you safeguard your plants’ availability.

4_1_2_iconEven the best moulding or sand preparation plant has to ’head for the testing bench’ every now and then. To determine any additional need for maintenance. For repairs or optimisations. To restore greater availability. Because the plant is in use the whole time and a great deal is demanded of it in the rugged practices at a foundry. That’s when it’s time to subject the plant’s current level of performance to a number of inspections and detailed functional checks. Our professionally trained KW service personnel offers you a comprehensive spectrum of different scopes for servicing and testing in order to retain the performance capabilities of your systems technology on a lasting basis.

Keep calm – with KW. And the latest concepts for diagnosis and maintenance.

Regular servicing is the best basis for reliably maintaining proverbial KW quality at its high level, even for decades. Doing so safeguards against unscheduled downtimes involving high subsequent costs.