KW milestones:

A tradition of innovation.

A company with over 110 years’ track record as a provider to the metals processing industry has a wealth of experience to offer. Holding a leading position on the world market is something to be even more proud of – and rightfully so. This leadership is created anew every day by technological innovations offering benefits to your foundry operations.

Founded in 1907 by Heinrich Künkel as a specialty manufacturer of metals processing machinery, the company is today an established supplier of turn-key systems for foundries of the future. Multitudes of patents, certifications and technological breakthroughs have marked the company’s road to success along with state-of-the-art foundry equipment on all continents worldwide. This success was powered by the guiding principles of our founder, key factors to which we remain true to this day.


The basis for success – our founder's guiding principles:

Precision, reliability, value for purchase price and timely delivery

From hand-operated moulding equipment to series production, the first moulding machine and the first sand preparation plant

  • 1907 Model fabrication in wood and metals
  • 1911 Development of hand-operated moulding machines introduction of series production
  • 1914-18 First World War
  • 1920 Development of hand-operated press moulding machines
  • 1924 Development of mechanically driven moulding machines
  • 1925 Development of sand preparation plant
  • 1927 Development of compressed-air drives for moulding machines


Mastering challenges with employees' hard work and skill

After the war, the original manufacturing programme was reinstated.

From stone-cleaning machines for rubble utilisation in reconstruction to visionary developments including the first automated moulding machine

  • 1939-45 Second World War
  • 1945 Manufacturing of stone-cleaning machines for rubble utilisation in reconstruction work
  • 1949 Technical and design modernisation of moulding machines
  • 1950 Development of jolt-ram moulding machines, stack moulding machines and sand-slinging machines with permanent magnetic iron separation
  • 1959 First automated moulding machine


More and more patents, steadily growing demand worldwide

KÜNKEL WAGNER sets new market standards with advanced technologies and processes.

From the first moulding machines in China and India to the patented VACUPRESS and AIRPRESS processes

  • 1969 First KW moulding machine in China
  • 1977 First KW moulding machine in India
  • 1979 Development of our patented VACUPRESS mould forming process
  • 1989 AIRPRESSplus pre-compaction process patented


100 years' know-how – an incredible wealth of experience

Ideas and solutions based on experience for unparalleled foundry performance.

From development of the AIRPRESSplus 2000 process to the 100th anniversary of the company’s founding and acquisition by the Chinese investor QME

  • 1999 Development of the AIRPRESSplus 2000 process
  • 2007 100th anniversary of the company’s founding
  • 2014 KÜNKEL WAGNER is acquired by QME Quingdao Machinery Industry Corpo ration


The turnkey systems provider – your one-stop shop

KÜNKEL WAGNER has positioned themselves even stronger – to serve you even better!

Full corporate relaunch with introduction of the world’s first self-regulating modular moulding machine – achieving
30 % energy savings

  • 2015 Complete corporate relaunch
  • 2015 First self-regulating modular moulding machine
  • 2017 110th anniversary of the company’s founding

Thinking ahead.