Control, operate, visualise

Everything under control.

Control KÜNKEL WAGNER plants, machines and processes conveniently using PLCs from leading manufacturers Siemens and Allen Bradley. Many processes are controlled and co-ordinated in real time via bus and network systems.

You are appreciably more flexible in your production as a result because you have a direct view of time, quality, costs, resource deployment or energy expenses.

Created to meet your challenges.
No matter how large.

Our control system has a modular structure and offers a variety of additional function modules displaying open, standardised interfaces in the hardware and software. Proven in ‘hard as nails’ practical operation. Designed on a multilingual basis. For upkeep and maintenance – including an option for worldwide remote maintenance. For a decentralised periphery, programming hydraulic control systems, process integration etc. All key process information, malfunction reports, plant system parameters, problem-solvers and so forth are retrievable in a matter of seconds. For state-of-the-art performance in all of your segments. With KÜNKEL WAGNER.