KW return sand coolers / continuous-operation homogenisers

Optimum cooling.

Hot sand affects almost every aspect of casting operations, leading to losses in quality, efficiency and bottom-line profits. The solution: KW‘s return sand coolers and their cutting-edge conditioning technology.

Synergies in research, development and innovation lead to trailblazing ideas.

KÜNKEL WAGNER return sand coolers contribute significantly to optimum sand preparation with top-notch technical benefits and outstanding performance. Although the basic technological principles utilised – transport and mixing, moisture addition, cooling by water evaporation, vacuum removal – have been the same for decades, KW‘s solutions provide convincing benefits with innovative features and expert engineering.

Successful process technologies – the result of long-standing R&D expertise.

The special materials of construction used in both mixing tools and the cooling chamber floor as well as optimum dimensioning of the sand bed, moistening system and mixing chamber ensure timely moisture addition, sufficient residence time and minimum fines extraction. The measurable difference: roughly 5 °C lower outlet temperature is achieved as compared to conventional coolers. But that‘s not all: KÜNKEL WAGNER sand coolers provide other benefits including maintenance-friendly design and long service life of mixing tooling as well as optional features providing automated infeed of suspension-based additives during the cooling process.

Let KW return sand coolers make life easy for you.

KW return sand coolers offer high throughputs up to 250 t/h, advanced technology with a proven track record in the industry, integrated user-friendly operating controls and many other tangible advantages. By ensuring constant temperature and moisture content of outlet sand, they provide best possible conditions for subsequent process steps. As a result, the process runs smoothly, providing high-quality castings with outstanding cost efficiency. Superb quality powered by smart engineering. From the people with a passion for sand and a name known throughout the industry: KÜNKEL WAGNER.

* reduced filling height