Fully automated, expertly engineered, versatile

Exceeding your expectations.

By deciding to purchase a KÜNKEL WAGNER pouring machine, you have taken the first step on a path to state-of-the-art metal processing tailored for your specific needs. A wide range of equipment designs and options – including innovative ancillary and add-on modules as well as multiple-machine combinations – can be used to create the system which best fits your requirements.

Looking to speed up your casting cycle? Utilise the benefits of our rapid, loss-free ladle changeover. Looking for accurate, contact-free measurement of pouring temperature? Our two-colour pyrometer gauge with user-friendly data display will do the job nicely.

Flexible machinery architecture adaptable to your process needs.

Whether you need flask tracking and management systems, online data exchange and/or process monitoring and control of parameters such as pouring time, inoculation time, charge I.D., temperature and shot weight, our pouring machines provide the unique combination of technologies to do the job right.

Our service-proven designs and the performance spectrum they provide define the state of the art in foundry practice. Whether your application requires one MX 10, MX 20 or MX 30 or several in combination: we will solve the problem at hand. Supplying just the pouring machine would not be consistent with our holistic systems approach. Let us know your visions and exact requirements; we will propose the best solution for you.