Replace, update, profit

Plant update.

The boom of progress: operational needs and markets change, pave way for technologies making it necessary to adapt your plant technology. Gear up for the future: with KW.

Not every measure taken towards modernisation is automatically coupled with investment in a new plant system. A clever alternative is ready & waiting: KÜNKEL WAGNER modernisation and retrofitting for all areas of a plant.

It’s not just that a lot of things could be changed at a plant – they should be.

Today there are a number of technological options; for instance towards improving or increasing output and volumes. Towards compliance with current environmental regulations. Towards conserving costly resources and energy or towards reducing downtime risk. By replacing individual components you increase your plant potential. The same applies for retrofitting. The unique experience found at KW helps you to get there. We take over the professional replacement of outdated components and provide high-quality, field-tested and precedent-setting facilities and upgrades. In the case of moulding plants, for example, by renovating compression technology using our best pre-compression: KW TWINPRESSplus. A good reason to take your modernisation to a completely new level: with KÜNKEL WAGNER. We’re ready when you are.