Impressive performance

We ensure perfection.

The railway and automotive industry demands production from equipment that efficiently channelises resources and energy towards improving one’s own competitiveness. This calls for an intelligent plant system – provided by innovative machines by KW.

Each moulding plant from KÜNKEL WAGNER is one-of-a-kind: as multifaceted as our customers’ standards.

At KÜNKEL WAGNER our focus is on your goals: the optimum for you with respect to investment and process workflow, along with mould quality from the very start.

Greatest possible production reliability through high repeatability.

Today’s globalised market demands greater productivity using state-of-the art machinery that must be met to exceed previous productivity standards. Components are becoming more complex and tolerances are increasingly narrower. This competitive environment required companies to gear up and pre-empt the future. The alternative: Take advantage of the strong competence at KW. On the one hand, a comprehensive offer of the most innovative moulding machines, and beyond that the full range of know-how in sand preparation co-ordinated precisely to match.

Series production with increased capacity at optimal costs.

This reduces compatibility risks right from the start while giving you a significant lead in technology versus competitors at a low rate of dimensional fluctuation and narrow weight tolerance.

They just keep on running: Plant longevity is the trademark at KW.


The KW concept of ‘the complete plant’ underscores our pursuit of technological leadership: to provide you with meticulously thought-out systems to meet your specific requirements. Our modular components are particularly characterised by their high degree of process reliability, availability and low maintenance & operation costs.