Substantial cost reductions and process benefits

State-of-the-art pouring.

Metal pouring is an indispensible part of modern manufacturing – and use of the right pouring machines is equally important. Fully automated pouring machines from KÜNKEL WAGNER is the key to success for foundries of the future: clear-cut process benefits providing improved bottom-line results.

KW pouring machines, moulding plants, sand preparation systems: our unique systems expertise and interdisciplinary know-how are yours to profit from.

Processing and casting of metals must be done using in-depth and extensive know-how to satisfy highest quality standards. Cost-effective, trailblazing ideas are required which go beyond conventional approaches.

More innovation, higher quality, less scrap production.

KW pouring machines are known in the industry for their process-friendly automation available in various system configurations. Metal savings and reduced scrap production are realised by smart solutions, for example KW‘s fully automated optical control system providing controlled, uniform and clean pouring. For example: weight-defined cut-off at the end of the pouring cycle and compact-sized pouring cups to reduce generation of recycle material. High reproducibility in series manufacturing.
Tundish cover processes. Dosing units for crystallisation of inoculants. And many other expertly engineered features and options in our machines ensuring optimum pouring and long service life in your foundry operations. For highly automated, precisely controlled casting processes providing uniform finished-product properties. For clean melt streams, extremely low-turbulence mould filling and outstanding cast-part quality – with superb cost efficiency.

Maximum performance. With MAXPOUR. From KW.

Our pouring machines are ideally suited for use with flasked and flaskless moulding plants of all makes, whether indexed or continuously driven. For pouring of grey and spheroidal iron, steel and aluminium. Understanding your processes and requirements, we respond by developing solutions for a better future: KÜNKEL WAGNER.