System knowledge enriched

Learn more about your plant.

Potential in plant and machinery is not the only scope of improvement provided by KÜNKEL WAGNER. Training and providing knowledge of processes and systems available to maximize utilization of the plant and machinery is equally important, which we would like to pass on to foundries of the future.

4_1_6_iconBecome an expert regarding all of the machinery and plant systems from KW at your foundry. At our training courses you learn how you can get even more performance output out of KW products. Nowadays the term foundry long since signifies viewing things in their entirety to achieve a unique outcome. Moulding plant know-how merges seamlessly into knowledge about sand preparation plants and vice versa. Expertise in pouring machines is closely related to the interfaces at moulding plants etc.

Focal point: the whole production process.

You too ought to be familiar with all of them: the fine points, the tools & tricks of the trade, how it’s done and can be done even better. This knowledge is vital to your daily working, with topics relevant to foundries that revolve around commissioning, problem-solving and operating our systems. Qualified course instructors guide you through all of the KW training-course modules while orienting themselves just as much to customer-specific needs.