for SONALIKA’s first high‑tech and technologically advanced KÜNKEL WAGNER high‑pressure moulding line.

KÜNKEL WAGNER are glad to announce that thanks to a conclusive concept they have been awarded the contract by SONALIKA GROUP for the supply of an automatic moulding plant and a sand preparation plant.

SONALIKA specializes in tractor manufacturing and enjoys an excellent reputation based on a level of technology. They belong to the group of top-level manufacturers in the tractor and agriculture equipment sector, both in India and internationally.

KÜNKEL WAGNER will supply a moulding plant of 1.250x900x400/400 mm flask size with a speed of 80 moulds per hour, together with a 120 t/h capacity sand preparation plant.

The high‑pressure moulding machine KW MASTER Eco® combining outstanding mould quality and precision with energy efficiency perfectly meets the requirements of SONALIKA.

KÜNKEL WAGNER feel honoured to partner with SONALIKA in this important project and are looking forward to a long and mutually satisfactory relationship