KÜNKEL WAGNER will supply two moulding plants and three pouring machines to Henan Fengbao Special Steel Co., Ltd.

Henan Fengbao iron and steel works invest in trendsetting moulding technology of KÜNKEL WAGNER in order to expand their market position and to accelerate the technological progress towards a resource-saving and ecofriendly production.

KÜNKEL WAGNER will support Henan Fengbao Special Steel Co., Ltd. on the road to a green foundry by supplying two moulding plants having a flask size of 1.300x960x350/260 mm
and 1.300x960x300/300 mm as well as three pouring machines type KW MX 30. The centrepiece of both moulding plants will be a KÜNKEL WAGNER high speed double moulding machine type
KW REFERENCE 180 ensuring a production rate of 180 moulds per hour.

The signing ceremony took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere on 22 January 2018.
Participants in the ceremony: Wang Jun (party secretary), Hao Quanji (member of parliament), Li Guangyuan (chairman of HENAN FENGBAO group), Li Jingmin (managing director of HENAN FENGBAO),
Yu Chenglong (managing director of HENAN FENGBAO), Deng Li (managing director of QINGDAO HUATONG GROUP), Wu Shouxi (managing director of KÜNKEL WAGNER) and Ralf Schulze (deputy managing director KÜNKEL WAGNER).