Leaders side by side: KÜNKEL WAGNER is proud to announce that Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited has reaffirmed their faith in KÜNKEL WAGNER by placing their third contract for an automatic moulding plant incl. sand preparation plant against it’s competitors due to an outstanding overall concept.

Kirloskar has specialized in the production of castings for the automotive sector and enjoys an excellent reputation with the world’s largest automobile manufacturers – thanks to its advanced technology and innovations.  Kirloskar manufactures cylinder block & head castings and housings for a wide range of engines, across construction machines, farm equipment and utility vehicles.

KÜNKEL WAGNER will supply an automatic moulding plant [1.000x800x350/350 mm, 80 mph] including sand preparation plant for duplicating an existing facility in Solapur/India with a high-pressure moulding machine KW MASTER Eco®. A perfect combination of excellent mould quality with a guaranteed tolerance class CT8 and energy efficiency.  This became THE KEY POINT for Kirloskar’s decision in favour of KÜNKEL WAGNER.

KÜNKEL WAGNER feels honoured to be able to add another milestone to the partnership history with Kirloskar.  Where high quality standards meet pioneering technology this will always form the basis for an unstoppable success story.

Many thanks to everyone involved in this project.  We look forward to working closely with the Kirloskar team on this project to make it successful in every way.

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Carlos Quintella has joined KÜNKEL WAGNER Germany as Sales & Marketing Director for North America.  Our office in Chicago, Illinois has been chosen as a strategic location to support and strengthen the presence of KÜNKEL WAGNER Germany in the American foundry industry as well as the Canadian market.


Mr. Quintella is a renowned expert in the global foundry industry and, besides the sale of our products, he will coach our customers also in technological and metallurgic issues.  Mr. Quintella has over 40 years of experience in the international foundry industry.  His jobs at ThyssenKrupp in Brazil or Simpson Technologies in the U.S.A. as well as his many roles as a manager or director provide evidence that Mr. Quintella is exactly the right person to represent KÜNKEL WAGNER Germany in North America.


Further to the presence in the German, European and Asian market it is the clear and strategic goal of KÜNKEL WAGNER Germany to increase its market share in North America.  In addition to the new sales representation by Mr. Quintella we are also planning the establishment of an after-sales service point in the U.S.A. for maximum and concentrated customer support.


KÜNKEL WAGNER has been furnishing foundries around the world with machines Made in Germany for 114 years and has decisively influenced the foundry industry through pioneering innovations.  Mr. Quintella will be involved in our R&D projects in order to be able to respond even better to the demands, especially in America.  We extend a warm welcome to:


Carlos Quintella

Sales & Marketing Director | North America Market

Head of Metallurgy


Cell: +1 630 803 9277

Mid of January 2021 Jiangsu ChangFa Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. placed an order with KÜNKEL WAGNER for the supply of an automatic moulding plant (flask size 1.200x800x400/350, production rate 80 moulds/h) and a pouring machine MAXPOUR®.  ChangFa is a supplier of castings for the building industry as well as for agricultural machinery (i.e. cylinder blocks for tractors and construction machines such as excavators) in China and globally.  ChangFa took a clear decision in favour of KÜNKEL WAGNER.  Key factors were the precision of our moulding machine MASTER Eco® as well as the service life of our equipment lasting for decades.

SOUND CASTINGS – a technocrat and entrepreneur driven company in the foundry heartland of India – Kolhapur – are the proud new members of the large family of completely satisfied KÜNKEL WAGNER partners in India.

Due to the convincing overall concept, our expertise and our excellent references in this business and casting segment SOUND CASTINGS took a studied and clear decision in favour of KÜNKEL WAGNER.  In co-operation with our daughter company KW-INDIA we will supply a moulding plant having a flask size of 1.200x900x380/380 mm and a production rate of 80 moulds/h alongwith an integrated sand preparation plant having a capacity of 120 t/h.

Their production programme would include gearbox housings, motor blocks for agricultural tractors and other components for var. business segments.

KÜNKEL WAGNER are glad to announce that thanks to a conclusive concept they have been awarded the contract by MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA for the supply of an automatic moulding plant and sand preparation plant.

MAHINDRA Group specialized in the mobility sector and enjoying an excellent reputation based on advanced technology is one of the largest and most important manufacturers in the automotive and farm equipment sector both in India and internationally.

KÜNKEL WAGNER will supply a moulding plant (1.250x900x380/380 mm, 90 mph) incl. sand preparation plant for the production of engine blocks at their Swaraj Foundry Unit in Punjab.

KÜNKEL WAGNER is renowned for system competency along with enhancing process technology.  The high‑pressure moulding machine KW MASTER Eco® combining outstanding mould quality and precision with energy efficiency, perfectly meets the requirements of MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA.

KW MASTER Eco® is an innovation made in Alfeld accepted by numerous customers all over the world and presents a further milestone within the already 114 years of history and experience of KÜNKEL WAGNER.

KÜNKEL WAGNER feel honoured to be the partner of MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA in this important project and are looking forward to a long and mutually satisfactory relationship.

KW management at Mahindra headquarters in Mumbai

from left to right: S. Goradia, R. Schulze, A. Patil (Mahindra), A. Kamdar, G. Montero

KÜNKEL WAGNER are delighted to announce that Döktaş Dökümcülük Ticaret ve San. A.Ş, which is the largest foundry group in Turkey and the 5th largest foundry in Europe, have awarded KÜNKEL WAGNER the contract for the supply of two pouring machines of type MAXPOUR® MX 20 for their Orhangazi iron foundry which mainly produces Ductile Iron and Cast Iron components

The two pouring machines will be installed in the existing moulding plants of a Third Party – German supplier having moulding line parameters 1.250 x 900 x 400/400 mm, 60 moulds/h and 1.960 x 1.260 x 400/400 mm, 40 moulds/h, with a view to enhance the efficiency of the foundries.

The cutting-edge technology of the KÜNKEL WAGNER pouring machines will also enhance the global market competitiveness of DÖKTAŞ.

DÖKTAŞ is a leading company in Turkey specialized in manufacturing cast iron, ductile iron and aluminium castings for the automotive, heavy commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery industry.

KÜNKEL WAGNER is renowned in the market for energy-saving solutions and systems.

For example, the moulding machine KW MASTER Eco® which presents an excellent combination of high‑pressure compaction, energy efficiency and high‑speed and offers energy savings of up to 30 %.

Or the pouring machines KW MAXPOUR® provided with smart KW sensor technology ensuring a controlled and uniform automatic pouring and enabling energy savings thanks to minimized sprue cups.

We apply similar high standards regarding the energy efficiency of the production and administration at the KW headquarters in Alfeld.  We are continuously focusing on greatest possible transparency in our energy consumption in order to detect further potential for savings, to use our resources efficiently and to reduce our CO2 emission.

It was therefore a logical step to have the compliance with the requirements ascertained by an energy audit.

In February 2020, ESC Cert GmbH audited KWG according to DIN EN ISO 50001:2018 and has awarded KWG the Energy Management Certificate.

This is a fantastic affirmation of our permanent efforts to increase our energy efficiency and to reduce our ecological footprint. – KÜNKEL WAGNER fully accepts its responsibilities and is dedicated to help protect and improve the environment.


The KW booth at GIFA 2019 in Düsseldorf again presented a highlight for both the visitors and the KW team.

The exhibition opened with fantastic news: Award to KÜNKEL WAGNER of a major contract from Northern Europe!

This marked the beginning of an amazing exhibition:  Throughout the entire GIFA 2019 we welcomed a record number of visitors at the KW booth, the new pouring machine MX 10 “in action” attracting a great deal of attention.  As usual, the KW booth proved to be a magnetic meeting point for customers and interested visitors.  Every corner of the KW booth was used for professional consultations about existing plants and future projects.  The entire KW product range of moulding plants, pouring machines, sand preparation plants and last but not least aftersales service, customer support and spare parts were topics of lively interest.

KÜNKEL WAGNER is very happy and quite proud about the extremely positive feedback.  A big thank you to all visitors of the KW booth and to the KW team who contributed to this incredible GIFA 2019.

Jiangsu Hengli Hydraulic Co., Ltd. operates ultramodern equipment for the manufacture of hydraulic components and belongs to the leading companies world-wide in this industry thanks to the technical know-how and the large production volume.

The products are sold to more than 20 countries and regions and are used in a wide range of industrial branches, such as in the manufacture of commercial vehicles, in shipbuilding, during energy production and in mining.

After the acquisition of a moulding plant from KW in 2011 JINGSU HENGLI will now develop further their most important competitive advantages and modify the manufacture through technological innovation. Once again with KÜNKEL WAGNER.

JIANGSU HENGLI again placed trust in KW by buying another moulding plant and two pouring machines type MX 20.

The new moulding plant has a flask size of 800×600×280+50/250 mm and a production rate of 120 moulds / hour and is operated with our high-speed moulding machine type KW MASTER Eco 150 with TWINPRESS compaction.


(Moulding plant at JIANGSU HENGLI built in 2011)

Ertug Metal Döküm Makine San. Ve Tic. A.S. has purchased a KÜNKEL WAGNER moulding plant.

Technical specifications: flask size 900x700x300/250 mm, high‑speed moulding machine KW MASTER Eco 150 with TWINPRESS compaction, production rate 150 moulds/h.

Start-up of the moulding plant will be in 2019.  It forms the centerpiece of the new capital investment project in Bursa and will contribute to an increase in Ertug’s casting production capacity to 16,000 to. by 2020.

(photo: Current view of the new foundry)