We are proud to announce that Electro Magnetic Industries (EMI) has signed the contract for the supply of two automatic moulding plants including a common sand preparation plant with KÜNKEL WAGNER.

Electro Magnetic Industries was established almost four decades ago in India.  Today, EMI are among the leaders who design, develop, manufacture and market a range of state of the art magnetic and vibratory components.

KÜNKEL WAGNER will supply two automatic moulding plants: [3.000 x 1.200 x 500/500 mm, 10 mph] using a moulding machine KW MASTER A and [1.300 x 1.100 x 300/300 mm, 40 mph] provided with a moulding machine KW MASTER E. Additionally, a 110 tph complete KW sand preparation plant will be supplied which will feed the two moulding plants.

We look forward to working closely with the EMI team on this project to make it successful.


Again the winner is …. KÜNKEL WAGNER

We are proud to be partner of Accuride Corporation who is the leading manufacturer and supplier of wheels and wheel-end components for the global commercial vehicle markets.

Two fully automatic KÜNKEL WAGNER pouring machines KW MAXPOUR® type MX 20 will be installed at the Accuride Wheel End Solutions Gunite foundry in Rockford, Illinois/U.S.A.  The two MX 20 pouring machines will be in operation with our customer’s existing moulding line [flask size: 1.625 x 812 x 381 mm/305 mm, production rate 200 compl. moulds/hour].  The manufacture has already begun at the KÜNKEL WAGNER production site in Alfeld, Germany.  Installation and commissioning will start at the end of 2023.

GIFA 2023: Successful trade fair inspires with exciting discussions and innovative solutions

After five eventful days at the GIFA 2023 in Düsseldorf we are very happy about the numerous exciting and interesting discussions we shared with our partners. It was a pleasure for us to talk to you face to face again and to exchange ideas about the future challenges in our industry. Especially in times of ambitious changes for the global economy, we want to be “Thinking ahead” together with our customers to find pioneering sustainable solutions. We are glad about the lively interest in our new autonomous iron transport system KW MX-Pilot® which confirms that we are on the right track. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all visitors and our energetic trade fair team for a successful GIFA 2023. Currently, our sales team is working hard on processing your inquiries and will contact you soon. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation.

The KÜNKEL WAGNER team at GIFA 2023

for SONALIKA’s first high‑tech and technologically advanced KÜNKEL WAGNER high‑pressure moulding line.

KÜNKEL WAGNER are glad to announce that thanks to a conclusive concept they have been awarded the contract by SONALIKA GROUP for the supply of an automatic moulding plant and a sand preparation plant.

SONALIKA specializes in tractor manufacturing and enjoys an excellent reputation based on a level of technology. They belong to the group of top-level manufacturers in the tractor and agriculture equipment sector, both in India and internationally.

KÜNKEL WAGNER will supply a moulding plant of 1.250x900x400/400 mm flask size with a speed of 80 moulds per hour, together with a 120 t/h capacity sand preparation plant.

The high‑pressure moulding machine KW MASTER Eco® combining outstanding mould quality and precision with energy efficiency perfectly meets the requirements of SONALIKA.

KÜNKEL WAGNER feel honoured to partner with SONALIKA in this important project and are looking forward to a long and mutually satisfactory relationship

The KÜNKEL WAGNER team of Deputy Managing Director Ralf Schulze, Senior International Sales Manager Gelson Montero and Sales & Marketing Director of North America Market Carlos Quintella together with the team of Eco Sand Sistemas e Equipamentos Industriais Ltda. (partner company of KÜNKEL WAGNER in Brazil) enjoyed the opportunity of welcoming foundry experts face-to-face, strengthening their existing business relations and establishing new contacts during the FENAF 2022 held from 13‑16 June 2022 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Many visitors from leading Brazilian and other Latin-American foundries met the KÜNKEL WAGNER professionals for high-quality discussions and vivid exchange of information both at the booth and at the accompanying 19th ABIFA foundry congress CONAF.  In connection with the current significant growth of the Brazilian foundry industry, relevant information on many new projects was exchanged.

Gelson Montero and Carlos Quintella held detailed presentations at the foundry congress which attracted many foundry professionals.  Carlos Quintella spoke about The Foundry and its Challenges.  His presentation was supplemented by Gelson Montero who shared interesting information and facts with the conference visitors about the Increase in metallurgical yield in nodular cast iron, by understanding the relationship between mould properties and graphite expansion.

We thank all visitors and the organization committee for the successful FENAF 2022.  KÜNKEL WAGNER looks back on a promising trade fair and will continue to develop state-of-the-art foundry solutions for customers all around the world in accordance with KÜNKEL WAGNER’s motto “Thinking ahead”.

KÜNKEL WAGNER is proud to announce the inauguration and operation of a new manufacturing facility of its company near Vadodara in India.

At this facility we would be manufacturing the precision moulding machines with all the standard features and technology available in our state-of-the-art moulding machines for small and medium scale foundries along with the moulding line and sand plant equipment and semi‑automatic pouring machines.

We are convinced that the investment in the new manufacturing facility will boost KÜNKEL WAGNER’s presence in the Indian market!

TATRA METALURGIE a.s. has selected KÜNKEL WAGNER as partner for their new foundry ecologization project. Giving KÜNKEL WAGNER preference to other competitors has been decided after several years of thorough analysis and investigations. KÜNKEL WAGNER is very proud to be the winner of the competition.

One of the existing moulding lines will be replaced by a new KÜNKEL WAGNER moulding plant with a moulding machine KW MASTER Eco® using the proven TWINPRESSplus moulding process. The moulding plant will be designed for an initial production rate of 50 moulds/h with a flask size of 1.540×1.050×400+50/400 mm. Besides the moulding plant KÜNKEL WAGNER will also supply a return sand cooler type ASK 150, a rotary mixer type WM 3 120 and a polygonal screen type PS4 presenting the major components of the new sand preparation plant.

TATRA METALURGIE a.s. located in Koprivnice/Czech Republic has a long history in foundry business and automotive industry. Products made by TATRA are renowned throughout the world. KÜNKEL WAGNER is very pleased to contribute to the global success of TATRA in the future.

The new era of metallurgy is just around the corner!

Leaders side by side: KÜNKEL WAGNER is proud to announce that Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited has reaffirmed their faith in KÜNKEL WAGNER by placing their third contract for an automatic moulding plant incl. sand preparation plant against it’s competitors due to an outstanding overall concept.

Kirloskar has specialized in the production of castings for the automotive sector and enjoys an excellent reputation with the world’s largest automobile manufacturers – thanks to its advanced technology and innovations.  Kirloskar manufactures cylinder block & head castings and housings for a wide range of engines, across construction machines, farm equipment and utility vehicles.

KÜNKEL WAGNER will supply an automatic moulding plant [1.000x800x350/350 mm, 80 mph] including sand preparation plant for duplicating an existing facility in Solapur/India with a high-pressure moulding machine KW MASTER Eco®. A perfect combination of excellent mould quality with a guaranteed tolerance class CT8 and energy efficiency.  This became THE KEY POINT for Kirloskar’s decision in favour of KÜNKEL WAGNER.

KÜNKEL WAGNER feels honoured to be able to add another milestone to the partnership history with Kirloskar.  Where high quality standards meet pioneering technology this will always form the basis for an unstoppable success story.

Many thanks to everyone involved in this project.  We look forward to working closely with the Kirloskar team on this project to make it successful in every way.

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Carlos Quintella has joined KÜNKEL WAGNER Germany as Sales & Marketing Director for North America.  Our office in Chicago, Illinois has been chosen as a strategic location to support and strengthen the presence of KÜNKEL WAGNER Germany in the American foundry industry as well as the Canadian market.


Mr. Quintella is a renowned expert in the global foundry industry and, besides the sale of our products, he will coach our customers also in technological and metallurgic issues.  Mr. Quintella has over 40 years of experience in the international foundry industry.  His jobs at ThyssenKrupp in Brazil or Simpson Technologies in the U.S.A. as well as his many roles as a manager or director provide evidence that Mr. Quintella is exactly the right person to represent KÜNKEL WAGNER Germany in North America.


Further to the presence in the German, European and Asian market it is the clear and strategic goal of KÜNKEL WAGNER Germany to increase its market share in North America.  In addition to the new sales representation by Mr. Quintella we are also planning the establishment of an after-sales service point in the U.S.A. for maximum and concentrated customer support.


KÜNKEL WAGNER has been furnishing foundries around the world with machines Made in Germany for 114 years and has decisively influenced the foundry industry through pioneering innovations.  Mr. Quintella will be involved in our R&D projects in order to be able to respond even better to the demands, especially in America.  We extend a warm welcome to:


Carlos Quintella

Sales & Marketing Director | North America Market

Head of Metallurgy


Cell: +1 630 803 9277

Mid of January 2021 Jiangsu ChangFa Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. placed an order with KÜNKEL WAGNER for the supply of an automatic moulding plant (flask size 1.200x800x400/350, production rate 80 moulds/h) and a pouring machine MAXPOUR®.  ChangFa is a supplier of castings for the building industry as well as for agricultural machinery (i.e. cylinder blocks for tractors and construction machines such as excavators) in China and globally.  ChangFa took a clear decision in favour of KÜNKEL WAGNER.  Key factors were the precision of our moulding machine MASTER Eco® as well as the service life of our equipment lasting for decades.