TATRA METALURGIE a.s. has selected KÜNKEL WAGNER as partner for their new foundry ecologization project. Giving KÜNKEL WAGNER preference to other competitors has been decided after several years of thorough analysis and investigations. KÜNKEL WAGNER is very proud to be the winner of the competition.

One of the existing moulding lines will be replaced by a new KÜNKEL WAGNER moulding plant with a moulding machine KW MASTER Eco® using the proven TWINPRESSplus moulding process. The moulding plant will be designed for an initial production rate of 50 moulds/h with a flask size of 1.540×1.050×400+50/400 mm. Besides the moulding plant KÜNKEL WAGNER will also supply a return sand cooler type ASK 150, a rotary mixer type WM 3 120 and a polygonal screen type PS4 presenting the major components of the new sand preparation plant.

TATRA METALURGIE a.s. located in Koprivnice/Czech Republic has a long history in foundry business and automotive industry. Products made by TATRA are renowned throughout the world. KÜNKEL WAGNER is very pleased to contribute to the global success of TATRA in the future.

The new era of metallurgy is just around the corner!