YTO Group (formerly China First Tractor Company) is a pioneer in the Chinese foundry industry and has been operating a KÜNKEL WAGNER moulding plant for the production of large sized castings since the mid-1990s. Although the People’s Republic of China only imported a few moulding plants back in those days, a complete sand preparation plant from KÜNKEL WAGNER was ordered together with the moulding plant. This investment opened YTO Group the door to the production of high quality castings. With the current contract for a fully automatic pouring machine now all quality relevant plant components come from the small German town Alfeld located on the river Leine in the province of Lower Saxony.

The delegation from Luoyang was accompanied by numerous members of the Henan Foundry Association to take part in the pre-acceptance test at KÜNKEL WAGNER premises on 21st April 2017, during which all of our guests were able to convince themselves of KÜNKEL WAGNER’s quality, performance and numerous innovations. The production start-up of this new pouring machine will improve the yield and eliminate time loss due to changeovers.