KÜNKEL WAGNER proud to be solution partner of sector leader



After many technical discussions, Clow Valve Company has selected KÜNKEL WAGNER as partner for their new moulding plant project against other competitors.  KÜNKEL WAGNER will supply a moulding plant with a moulding machine KW MASTER Eco® using the proven TWINPRESSplus moulding process.  The tailor-made moulding plant will be operating with two different flask groups: 1.300 x 980 x 400+50/400 mm & 1.300 x 980 x 280/280 mm; the production rate will be 80 complete moulds/hour.

Clow Valve Company is a manufacturer of waterworks valves and fire hydrants with locations in Oskaloosa, Iowa and Corona, California.  Clow Valve Company’s roots date back to 1878 and since 1985 Clow Valve Company belongs to the McWane family of companies being a leading supplier of ductile iron products, including pipes, valves, hydrants, fittings and plumbing products and manufacturer of fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems and steel pressure vessels.