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Lohmann moulds the future with KW.

Friedr. Lohmann GmbH of Witten / Germany is a manufacturer of specialty steel and stainless steel products. This family-owned business has attached utmost priority to highest product quality since its very beginnings. Managed by the 7th generation of the family, the company has a proud history spanning more than 220 years. Looking to purchase a new automatic green-sand moulding plant, they regarded only one company as a qualified vendor, a company upholding equally high standards: KÜNKEL WAGNER. The technical specifications for the new plant were truly demanding: frequent pattern changes, frequent changes in alloys cast and, moreover, integration in an existing building.

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The LOHMANN project team and KÜNKEL WAGNER’s engineers joined forces to master the challenges presented by the project. The process configuration selected called for moulding, core setting and closing, followed by transfer of the flasks required for casting to a storage and retrieval system in accordance with the quantity of molten metal available for casting – and finally, after completion of the specified cooling time – return transfer to the moulding plant for punch-out of the solidified casting. With the new moulding plant, KÜNKEL WAGNER will be supplying a state-of-the-art solution which fully satisfies LOHMANN’s exacting requirements. The plant, designed to provide a maximum capacity of 24 moulds/h, will be delivered and installed within the year 2015. Both LOHMANN and KÜNKEL WAGNER attach highest importance to innovation, technical expertise and experience in all operations, They have something else in common as well: a long-standing tradition of quality.

Visionary plant technologies:

Sandmann: KW wins the pitch.

KÜNKEL WAGNER has won the international tender process for a new automatic moulding plant to be manufactured, delivered and installed within the year 2015. The new plant, which will manufacture cast crankshafts and chassis components in nodular and grey cast iron, will be supplied to Messrs. Sandmann Precision Casting of Shanghai / China, a specialised automotive foundry with an excellent reputation for innovative technologies and growth. The KÜNKEL WAGNER moulding plant will accomodate a flask size of 1000 x 800 x 270/270 mm and provide a production capacity of 120 moulds/h. The plant will incorporate state-of-the-art technologies including separate cope and drag core setting lines and four parallel in-flask cooling lines. It will be equipped with the AIRPRESSplus and the TWINPRESS pre-compaction systems.The visionary moulding plant will allow Messrs. SANDMANN to master all future challenges in helping their customers achieve their business goals. “We won out against many competitors. I regard the awarding of the contract to KÜNKEL WAGNER as recognition of the technological expertise of our products and employees”, as proudly stated by Dipl.-Ing. Frank Iburg, Managing Director of KÜNKEL WAGNER. He expects this to send a clear positive signal to further prospective customers looking to benefit from “Made in Germany” technologies